Dr. P.J. Nickels


Dr. PJ Nickels is a wife, mother, grandmother, former educator/school administrator, educational trainer, consultant, public speaker, philanthropist, author and singer.

She holds a Bachelor's and Master's of Arts and a Doctorate of Ministry in Education and a Doctorate in Christian Counseling.

All of her books have companion Lesson Guides, Christian Lesson Guides and Audio book/Music CD's.  The guides assist teachers and parents in bringing children a better understanding of animals, cultures and sciences. The Audio book/Music CD's are designed to make the stories accessible to the visually impaired and others who have difficulty with the printed page.

Dr. Nickels lives in Colorado and travels world wide training educators, researching for her books and teaching life's lessons of friendship, tolerance, peace building, healing and understanding.

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R.E. Hughes

R. E. Hughes, author of Stanley the Christmas Tree, A Wish Come True, credits his love of literature to his parents, who encouraged him to read at an early age and spent time talking about what he was reading to make sure he understood the content.

RE wrote Stanley's story for his daughter when she was a baby, but it wasn't in print until she was a mother with a family of her own.

He says the six words that best describe him are: Believer, Husband, Father, Publisher, Author and Friend.

RE lives in Colorado with is wife Jeanie.



Dr. Kathy Farquharson



Kathleen Farquharson is a published scientist who holds a Masterís degree in Genetics and a PhD in Plant Biology. She has lectured courses in biology and scientific writing at the university level, and currently works as a science writer/editor.

Kathleen grew up in South Africa, where she developed a love of nature and wildlife. She thinks that some of the most exciting discoveries of our time are being made in the biology lab. She enjoys explaining scientific concepts to non-scientists, and believes that learning about science should be fun.

Kathleen's work can be seen in the lesson guides published by PrP.

She lives in Seattle with her husband and son.


Bryony Holden

Bryony Holden is the author of Be-Bop, Alula and Bo, A Barn Owl's Tale. She runs the Cotswold Owl Rescue Trust, in Gloucestershire, England, along with her sister Erin.

Bryony and Erin are also members of the Anglo-Celtic Band, "Tinkerscuss."  www.myspace.com/tinkerscuss Bryony plays Celtic Harp, Shruti Box, Bowed Psaltrey and Keyboards.

Dedicated to bringing the message of wildlife conservation to children and adults alike, Bryony wrote Be-Bop as am "anidote to the over anthropomorphic animal books available."  

Educating through entertainment, they visit schools and clubs delivering  a unique Owl encounter experience.