Paul Mackenzie

"The Choice Voice - The Voice Choice"

Paul Mackenzie lives in Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom, with his wife Carol and their two sons.

Paul has spent many years in the broadcast industry, most recently with BBC Radio. He has also worked in television and audio production.

Paul owns and operates, Sherwood Forest Studios, a state of the art voice over facility.

His ability as a Voice Over Artist, has him in great demand with clients around the globe. Able to create literally thousands of voices, Paul brings the characters in his readings to life. Whether a grouchy, grumbling bear or a sweet little bird, an old lady or a child, Paul has a voice that lets the listener see the character.

Paul is the main voice over artist for Pennie Rich Publishing and can be heard on Stanley the Christmas Tree, A Wish Come True, Vultures in the Cemetery,
Lewis the Lemur Adventure
series, Nuni of Nunivak Island series, The Land Far Away series and many more.



If you would be interested in hearing samples of Paul's work or having Paul read your story,

contact Pennie Rich Publishing and we will forward your query to Paul.