Maynard Williams

Maynard Williams resides in Fresno, California with his artist wife, Phy.

Composer, producer, musician and performer, Maynard has appeared in venues around the globe. He also owns and operates Maynard's Attic Studio, where he writes and produces material for various projects.

Maynard believes there is a "song in everything" and a "song for everything." He also has the uncanny ability to bring those songs out.

Maynard's music can be heard on projects from PrP including: Stanley the Christmas Tree, A Wish Come True; Vultures in the Cemetery; Lewis the Lemur Adventures, The Belly of the Beast; Nuni of Nunivak Island, A New Friend; the Land Far Away series and others.

Maynard is working on a CD of original Christmas music, which will be released in time for Christmas 2009. Watch the PrP bookstore for details.

In addition to his music, Maynard loves to restore MGA automobiles. He recently completed restoration of the first MGA to leave the factory and the first MGA in North America.  MGA HCD43-10106, was the first of its model to leave the factory in 1955. Maynard and his friend, Cliff Archer, "The Cliffiator, discovered the car, that had been sitting for 40 years, behind a garage in California.

Maynard has also recently completed restoration of a 1949 Cadillac convertible.

If you would be interested in having Maynard compose material for your project or book, contact PrP and we will forward your request.




Jillian Llamas

Jillian Llamas makes her debut on the Nuni of Nunivak Island, A New Friend  audio book, singing "Help Me, Mr. Otter"  & "Here in Nunivak, The Kayak Song."

Jillian lives in Reno, NV with her parents, sister and brothers.

Jillian enjoys all types of music and was very excited when asked to sing on the Nuni project. She also sings in her school's choir and is looking forward to being able to continue her recording career.




Ashleah Hughes

Ashleah Hughes lives in Albuquerque, NM with her Mom. She was very excited to be asked by her Grandma, PJ Nickels to sing "Mother," for the Vultures in the Cemetery CD.

Ashleah makes her singing debut on the Vultures CD and is looking forward to singing on more PrP projects.







Michael Martin Murphey  Today's #1 Cowboy Music Singer, Pop/Country Hit Maker,
                                                        Western Music Hall of Fame Member, Awarded Songwriter 

Interested in literacy prompted Michael to record songs for the DD & Daddy's Big Night Out

Michael sings three songs on the DD & Daddy project

For more information visit Michel's website








Why PrP incorporates Music in  Audio Books

PrP believes in incorporating original music into all projects it publishes.

 Studies have shown that musical exposure and training increase learning and focus, enabling children to expand their learning experience.

Our dedication to music and belief children must be exposed to it, through audio books and literacy programs, is a major component of our mission.

After the age of 9, the ability to maintain a steady beat rhythm does not change appreciably.

 The ability to hear and understand pitch develops the most between the ages of 6 and 9.

Between the ages of 6 and 7, the most significant development in hearing and understanding music occurs. By age 8 this ability plateaus.

Before the age of 8, children do not hear or understand harmony, but the ability to sense tonality develops during the 8th year. 

After the age of 12, the ability to learn the basics of music is greatly diminished.

With this in mind, PrP includes music tracks with each audio book.

We strive for a variety of styles of music to expose the child, and adult listener, to as many different types of music as possible. Exposure to different styles and composition has been shown to expand the appreciation of all styles of music.

Music has also been shown to be a “memory trigger” which aids retention and recall.