Pennie Rich Publishing ( PrP) was established in 1993, by R E Hughes
to publish a series of vignettes entitled,
"Life on the Other Side of Time"

In 2007, RE decided to have a story he had written for his daughter published.

Publishers were interested in Stanley the Christmas Tree, A Wish Come True,
however, they wanted him to remove the line,
"We prayed for a tree and God heard our prayers."

Not willing to remove the line, RE walked away and on suggestion of his wife
decided to publish the story himself.

So began an education into the world of  "vanity publishing," "print on demand,"
and a myriad of other ways to spend money and receive nothing.

Soon, reviving his original publishing company (PrP) seemed the only viable option.

Following the format suggested by the vanity presses, RE forged ahead
and soon his book was in print...

Then! Stark reality!!

The layout format used by the vanity & print on demand presses, he had approached,
was not acceptable to the major retail outlets and many libraries.

RE soon found other authors who had followed this format and  had
thousands of books they could not sell.

He was also being approached, for advice by, vanity authors unable
to market their books because the cost of production was above
the market value.

Luckily, RE had not made that mistake and was able to meet the
discount schedules of the retail outlets he had been able to get his book into.

With the assistance of PR by the Book and Strauss Consultants,
RE was able to successfully market the Stanley project.

In 2008, teaming with former Educator, Dr. PJ Nickels,
plans were laid to publish educational materials, aligned to National Standards,
based on the children's books they would publish.

Now, all books published by PrP have an Audio Book/Music CD,
a Lesson Guide (for use in public, private, home and Christian Schools)
aligned to the National Standards of Education
a Christian Lesson Guide, (designed to teach Biblical principles)
for use in Christian Schools, home schools and Sunday Schools.

At present, PrP has nine authors, 3 artists, a voice over artist,
a composer and several editors working to make the material


PrP's motto is:
Teaching Done Right, All Children Can Learn

Our goal is to help educators achieve this by promoting:
Education Done Right

To achieve this goal we are searching for authors who write material
that will be adaptable to Audio Book with musical tracks relating to the story line,
lesson guides for use in the teaching process and Christian lesson guides
to promote Biblical understanding.

We take the story and our team creates the Lesson Guides,
our narrator brings the story and characters to life and
our composer adds the flavor and color to make it memorable.


In addition to the above, RE noted, as a "Senior Citizen," many of the
"Mainline Publishers" were not interested.
"You have to have a platform,"
meaning you had to either have a million dollars to by your way in,
  be a celebrity, be famous and preferably "not be old,"
seemed to be the standard line.

RE and Dr. Nickels are encouraging "Seniors" to go for their dreams
and many of the people working to make PrP happen are "Seniors."

The other side of the coin,
"You have no experience,
no platform, because you are young,"

is often heard.

Giving those, who are starting out, a chance is another goal of PrP.

Artists, doing their first projects, singers their first sessions
and authors writing their first books.

The newcomers, along with our seasoned people, make
an incredible team.

Working well together, we have become a family.